What types of art can be generated with DecoSynth?
The DecoSynth AI Image Generation Tool allows you to pick from a multitude of different styles, such as modern, classic, contemporary, retro, rustic and more.
What printing options does DecoSynth offer?
We offer several framed and unframed options such as canvas, poster, metal and acrylic prints for your custom AI designs with DecoSynth.
What sizes are available for print through DecoSynth?
DecoSynth allows you to create different sizes and image resolutions to fit any space on your wall. We offer the following resolutions, which scale from 8“ up to 60“ in size, depending on your needs:
1:1 (square)
2:3 (vertical rectangle)
3:2 (horizontal rectangle)
How long does it take to process and print an AI-generated art piece?
We process your order and begin the printing process within hours of receiving payment. You can expect to see your order delivered in up to 10 business days. This gives our printing team ample time to ensure the quality of your print is top notch, and that you‘ll be happy with your purchase.
What is your cancellation / return policy?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will make every effort to credit, replace, or refund your order should you encounter any issues.
To start a return, go either your profile and find your order or just click the link in the confirmation email you received and select “Customer Service“.